Cason Merichor

Lt Governor - Dolla System


Blond Haired, Blue eyed, soothing imperial accent. Speaks from his chest. Square saw, with a slight softness. Narrow nose and sunken eyes that come through his brow. Clean face and well spoken. Has what looks to be a burn that is barely seen on the right side of his neck as it is usually covered by his imperial uniform.



Was Prefect for 12 years on Dolla. Worked with local forces to maintain peace within system. During the Battle of Yavin, he helped personally clear out all rebel strongholds, and sympathizers within the system and allowed the massing of the Imperial Fleet during the battle of Yavin along with Governor Jedselk.

Current Information

During his current term as Lt Governor, he has enacted a number of policies that have yielded an increase in production for the system which has reduced system wide blight and wealth concentration. He is beloved by those within the system for these policies that have had demonstrated effect on resident income within his 8 month term. Many now work within the recent major storage distribution network set up on the planet.

Cason Merichor

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