SoroSuub Corporation Mark II LE-V1 Security Droid


Goes by the name Levi

Shoulder to head reference.

Actual Head on LE-V1


Body and leg reference


Details are a lot more “star wars”ian


Levi was actually supposed to be destroyed.

He was part of a series of prototype Mk.II LE-V0 droids that were designed with enhanced cognitive abilities in order to make quick tactical and judgement decisions during combat. Unfortunately the creators found that it very quickly lead to personality “quirks” which often rendered the droids too eccentric to function in their given jobs.

Most of them were summarily destroyed. A few survived as accidents in shipping numbers, or pieces smuggled out as bribes. Levi escaped basically as a matter of luck, and ended up as a security and law enforcement droid on a street corner in one of the nice areas of Correllia.


A Devronian is in the details. DwayneAyer DwayneAyer