Ord Mantell Oribital Station

Ord Mantell Orbital Station

Built around the ruins of the Fort Gartnik Spacestation, This is a cheap place to refuel and get back out into space. the size of the station is that of megatropolis, with spires, ports, an active underworld, and many different shops stops and unruly characters.


Game start

…will have the ship docked as a cargo vessel with a flight plan open, and frequent history of trips up and down the Entralla Route to Muunilinst for the last 8 weeks. You’re between contracts and have enough credit to be docked here for up to 16 days.

You were moving some components for a friend of Jerrick “Journey” Neylarin (Gar Akyos) who used him as a go between and contact in order to contract everything to you guys.

Ord Mantell Oribital Station

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