Direct Hyperlane pass from Corellian Trade Spine to Rima Trade Route and Hydian Way cross.

Governor Jedselk – System Head

Lt Governor Cason Merichor

Main Proprietor – Renzo Birk

Senex Juvex Sector – Imperial Control

A few small cities surrounded by farmland and growing Storage Yards for those holding cargo between lanes. Was used as the Trailward Massing point during the battle of Yavin in order to hide the size of that fleet, which was then maneuvered through the galaxy in a push to scatter the Rebellion after the Battle of Yavin.

There was a huge push to collect anyone here that could provide information, and many people were pulled into public and detained. A few were murdered publicly.

It is now a great bleak place with an ashy breeze robbing the main colony of color. There used to be gold grass everywhere, but the major landings of the Massing have all but destroyed the beauty of this place.


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